To Whom It May Concern:

Jim Rubin is a dedicated professional who handles legal matters with integrity, dedication and a genuine concern for his client.
If you are looking for an outstanding employment attorney, especially in a non-compete case, I highly recommend Jim.

J, IT Consultant


Thank you so much for your representation.  I really appreciate all the work that you did on my behalf to ensure a successful settlement.  I was very impressed with your knowledge of the law and savvy negotiating techniques.  Thanks to you, I can move forward with my life and never look back. 

Princess White

To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing this letter in support of Mr. Jim Rubin. I will preface this letter by saying that I had very high expectations of the attorney I hired for my case. The amount of commission money I had at stake was substantial, and the company that I worked for was putting all of their resources into their legal machine to prevent me from collecting the money I earned. I interviewed several employment attorneys before selecting Mr. Rubin to take on my case, and am confident I made the right decision.

As a commissioned sales representative fighting for unpaid wages, I knew I needed an advocate knowledgeable in employment law. The selected attorney needed to guide me through the legal process, and counsel me throughout this stressful and emotional process.

Mr. Rubin was organized, knowledgeable, confident, and prepared for the legal onslaught we faced. After a long and hard fight, we settled the case with my previous employer. I feel very strongly that my previous employer was more amenable to settlement knowing I had a good attorney that was going to present a very persuasive case. I am thrilled with the result, but would have liked to see Jim present the case he worked so hard preparing. I have no doubt that if we had to go the distance we would have had a favorable result.

As with most serviced based occupations (real estate agents, lawyers, dentists, etc.) everyone seems to have “someone” to recommend. I am fully confident in Jim’s ability to take care of my friends, family members or colleagues that require the services of a skilled employment attorney. It is a situation that I never hope to be in again, but I am glad I now have a very good “someone” if the need arises.

Best Regards,
Former Outside Salesman


I wanted to let you know that [my employer] signed the agreement last Wednesday.  He paid all past due commissions, all leave balance and 2 weeks severance.

My negotiations with my employer were successful because I was able to take a firm stand thanks to your sage and on point advice.
Thank you for helping me to close this chapter and move on with my new life.

Thanks for your help.

— Beth Barnett, PhD

Dear Attorney [last name redacted],

This note of thanks to you is long overdue. You may recall that around early August we had several phone and email conversations, in which you gave me very sound advice regarding my employment situation. You then went the extra mile, and called me back to refer me to James Rubin in Rockville, who could take my case on a contingency basis.

Mr. Rubin was a perfect fit for me. He always answered my calls promptly, and explained the legalities to me in terms I could understand. He was also flexible about accomodating my appointments after hours. In fact, I think he is simply a nice guy.

He also completed our small settlement before Thanksgiving, which was greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for your kindness, and willingness to help.

Have a wonderful, peaceful holiday season!

Joan Mayo

Dear Jim,

This note is long overdue. Over the past several months, I have reflected on the service that you provided during the struggle with the law suit initiated by my former employer. Upon reflection, your demeanor, resourcefulness, attention to detail, realism and professionalism allowed me to cope during this very difficult process.

Since I have never been involved in a lawsuit, I was not prepared for the emotional aspect especially since it involved the security of my employment. You were always available and fully updated on the proceedings which comforted me.

Today, I enjoy the confidence of stable employment much a result of your help. With a family of five, this means I have the opportunity to financially provide for my family without concern.

I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me and my family. I wish you the best and hope to have the chance to have our paths cross again (but not in the same fashion).

All the best,

— Joe Gatewood, Senior Mortgage Banker

James Rubin represented me in my disability case in a professional and competent manner. He was very thorough and conscientious. Mr. Rubin was sensitive to my disability and acted on my behalf by communicating with the company, which led to a fair settlement. At all times he kept me abreast of the status of my case. I am delighted with how my matter was resolved and would highly recommend The Rubin Employment Law Firm to anyone.

— Janie Capretti

"When I had an initial meeting with him on the first day, I knew that I could trust him. He cared about my case and he was concerned about my problems. I was very pleased with James Rubin, my attorney and I would strongly recommend him to everyone.

He took time to listen to me, he trusted me, and sincerely believed in me. His legal fee was reasonable. Without his strong leadership and consistency we would not have able to win, but we did. This is why I would recommend him to be your attorney. I am delighted to tell you that you should trust him and give him a chance. You will be happy with the outcome."

— Soon Shin, Federal Government Employee

"I am writing this letter of recommendation for James E. Rubin. I felt he did a very excellent job in handling my case. I thought Mr. Rubin was honest and fair in his fees. The most important quality I liked in Mr. Rubin was his knowledge of the law. Obviously, if you need a lawyer it is an emotional time in your life. I felt Mr. Rubin provided me with the best options I had to choose from. If you would like to talk to me in person feel free to contact me through Mr. Rubin."

— Joshua E. Scharff

"Jim Rubin is an excellent lawyer. After interviewing several lawyers for my employment matter, it was clear in minutes that he knows MD employment law inside and out. Jim separated the legal issues from shady business dealings and explained the points my case hinged on. He correctly anticipated the various defenses taken by the opposition and systematically neutralized them. He did this by being an excellent writer of motions to the court and using customized approaches during depositions. Many times during the depositions or written processes I relayed to friends and family my satisfaction with how Jim communicated. Jim did this by being a great listener, and fully devoting himself to my case. Jim always took the time to talk to me and answer my questions. He absolutely understood the hundreds of pages of documents and how they tied together as well as I did, but with his legal knowledge to convince others. You need someone who keeps all parties focused, listens to what you are saying, will tell you news you might not want to hear, and can clearly convince everyone you are right. Jim did all of this superbly and negotiated a last minute settlement that I was happy with, and I recommend him without reservation."

— Anonymous
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